Aveiro, The Venice of Portugal

Famed for its canals, nouveau architecture, and colorfully painted Moliceiros boats, Aveiro lies on the edge of the Ria de Aveiro, a saltwater lagoon historically farmed for its seaweed, salt, and bountiful fish.

Let us give some examples of why Aveiro is one of the most lovely places to stay in Portugal and what to do and explore when visiting.

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    Going on a Moliceiro boat tour is a truly fulfilling experience. You'll go around the city by sailing in a beautiful Moliceiro boat and visiting its canals and views.

    When visiting Aveiro, the Moliceiro boat tour is a must.

    The Forum

    More than a mall, Aveiro's Forum is a vast open space to the sky. It breathes fashion, decor, and architecture. You should visit it by crossing the bridges of friendship, full of colorful laces, and alongside the lagoon canals. 

    There's also a top-floor garden where you can go for a picnic and observe the views.

    Urban Art

    Aveiro, the city of the canals, salt, and Moliceiro boats, has unpredictably been transforming into a stunning art gallery, appreciated and beloved by everyone. A great reason to stop by for some breathtaking pictures.

    You can find these in the historical center streets and the very noble and rebuilt roads of Aveiro. Art and culture are part of the city.

    Fonte Nova

    All year round

    Two elements stand out, due to their omnipresence, in the Jardim da Fonte Nova, in Aveiro: the imposing red brick building of the former Ceramics Factory Jerónimo Pereira Campos and the Lago da Fonte Nova, in one of the urban channels of the Ria in Aveiro, with its constant coming and going from traditional boats to tourist tours. At times, this channel was a way of transporting goods from the factories on its banks. The southern slope of Lago da Fonte Nova is likewise an attractive garden sector, where the ruins of the Chapel of São Tomás de Aquino can be seen, as well as the chimney of the first factory unit of the historic Aleluia ceramics factory. Located in one of the most recent areas of the city, this large garden surrounded by modern buildings has extensive grassy areas and a tree-lined avenue.

    During Christmas Time

    The Christmas lights are all over the city, but the Christmas tree found at Cais da Fonte Nova is the main attraction. At 50 meters high, illuminated by 400,000 light bulbs and with the usual moliceiro at the top, as in the center of the tree, vertically, “Aveiro” can be read.


    A unique experience, living with a Marnoto, combining leisure spaces in a traditional workplace, observing the characteristic avifauna, and using the first saline spa in the country.

    "Several thousand years ago, the famous windows of the palace of heaven fell here. The panes of glass in their respective frames were left intact, because the windows fell onto the green grass. Today, we meet the salines”

    City Parks

    Park Infante D. Pedro is located close to Hospital de Aveiro, with a large lake and ducks. 

    City Monuments

    Aveiro is full of rich historical monuments. From the stunning and hand-painted train station front to its chapels, churches, and library above the lagoon.

    The Food

    Portugal has a long sea-faring heritage, and with the Atlantic Ocean flanking the entire west and southern boundaries of the country, it is no surprise that fish and seafood play an essential role in Portuguese gastronomy.

    Wherever you go, cod, seafood, and all manner of fresh fish play a starring role on the restaurant menus, and nowhere more so than in Aveiro, with its expansive lagoon, pretty canal network, and expansive sandy beaches nearby.

    However and besides seafood, there are three pastries that one cannot go without

    • Pasteis de Nata
    • Ovos Moles
    • Tripa de Aveiro