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Local Accommodation in Aveiro

Inspired by our Portuguese Venice and all its culture, we present you A PROA DO MOLICEIRO. A local accommodation designed for comfort and quality based on the MOLICEIRO boats and their typical prows and panels.

On the prow of the boats, the local painters transcribed the story of their sailers and everyday topics of the common villagers of Aveiro!

"And if I 'putted' there a painting, it 'culd' look nicer."

More than a local accommodation, the story of a culture. A concept that arouses curiosity to know more about every detail of the city.

Come and meet A PROA DO MOLICEIRO, our apartment designed around the satirical panels of the MOLICEIRO prows. Walk along the Ria de Aveiro's canals to learn more about its history.

As a reminder, today, we're not painting prows but photographing moments and holding on to their stories.